Petrofac gets $ 160 million from Basra Oil Company


Petrofac said on Wednesday it had received $ 160 million from the Basra oil company.
The company said on its official website, “The engineering services and productivity in the company received $ 160 million from the Basra Oil Company for the project to expand the export of Iraqi crude oil.”
The facility is located on a large part of Iraq’s oil exports, 60 km from the coast of the Faw peninsula in southern Iraq. It consists of a central measuring platform, a multi-platform and four single-point anchors that facilitate the export of oil to crude oil tankers waiting for it. In addition, Petrofac is responsible for nearly 300 km of offshore pipelines, 1,800 meters of underwater water pipe infrastructure and 14 sea ports.
“We are pleased to continue our role in supporting this major crude oil export facility since the start of our participation in 2012,” said Mani Rajapathi, Managing Director, Eastern Engineering and Production Services. “We have exported more than 2.2 billion barrels of oil, “We continue to focus on adding value to our customers by deploying innovative and unique solutions.”
Ihsan Ismail, General Manager of Basra Oil Company, said that Petrofac is a key partner of BBK. We have supported the team over the past five years to significantly increase exports from the Equiv facility and we look forward to continuing our relationship in 2019.
Petrofac British Petroleum Services Limited announced in July 2017 that it had received a contract extension and a new prize worth more than $ 100 million. To manage the construction, engineering, commissioning and start-up services of two international oil companies in Iraq
Petrofac is a leading oil and gas company based in Westminster (central London) with branches around the world including Sharjah, Bombay and Xi’an in India.

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