Ministry of Industry: Saudi companies have shown a strong desire to work in Iraq


The Minister of Industry Mohammed Shaya al-Sudani said on Thursday that Saudi companies have shown a strong desire to work in Iraq in the field of petrochemicals and phosphate fertilizers.
The Ministry of Industry said in a press statement that “Sudanese presided over the meeting of the opinion body in the presence of the Inspector General and the Scientific Advisor and members of the Board of Directors General at the headquarters of the Ministry and its general structures to discuss the topics and issues and files that concern the work of the ministry and its companies and discuss the themes and paragraphs on the agenda of the Commission.
According to the statement, the Minister of Industry and Agency, Mohamed Shiaa Sudanese to “the need to take appropriate decisions that will achieve the objectives of the Ministry to promote the national industry by adopting clear plans in sync with the corresponding field procedures and supported by decision-makers.”
He added that “in line with the government’s intention to present all available files and data available to communicate with the Energy Committee within the Coordination Council between Iraq and Saudi Arabia, especially the petrochemical projects and phosphate fertilizers, which showed the Saudi side strong desire to work and enter with Iraq.”
He pointed out that “the invitation from the Saudi side to visit the companies and locations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,” stressing at the same time “to take advantage of this opportunity to benefit from the Saudi experience and to achieve an important and successful tour of the two countries.”

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