Iraqi Stock Exchange rises at the end of the week


The Iraqi Stock Exchange closed the week’s session by 0.33% as the political and security situation in the country improved to close the general index at 569.07.
The exchange traded during Thursday’s session, 35 companies out of 101 companies listed on the market, while the volume of trading 12.7 billion shares worth 12.7 billion dinars.
The production and marketing of meat rose 10%, the production of ready-made clothing 4.42%, Baghdad for soft drinks 2.73%, the investment bank 2.44%, while the United Bank fell by 4.17%, the industrial crescent by 3.45% and the Gulf Bank by 2.78%.
The most active companies in terms of shares traded is Noor Bank Iraq 9.7 billion shares and the Bank of the clutch 2.7 billion shares.
The Iraqi bourse continued to close at a height after the announcement of Prime Minister Haider Abadi, the liberation of Iraq from the ISIS.

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