The Minister of Oil: We welcome Qatar Petroleum to invest and develop the gas and extraction sectors


The Minister of Oil revealed the desire of Qatar Petroleum to invest and implement development projects in the sectors of gas and extraction and liquidation, infrastructure and petrochemicals.
This came during his meeting with Qatari Energy Minister Mohammed Al-Sada and Qatar Petroleum CEO Saad Sharida Al-Kaabi on the sidelines of OPEC and OAPEC meetings held recently in Vienna and Kuwait respectively.
Oil Minister Jabbar Ali Al-Luaibi said that Qatar Petroleum CEO Sa’d Al-Kaabi expressed his company’s desire to invest and implement development projects in the Iraqi oil sector in cooperation and partnership with international specialized companies. The minister said he promised them to provide all the possibilities and requirements for the success of their work in Iraq.
Al-Luaibi said that he welcomes Qatar Petroleum Company in Iraq and all Arab and foreign companies wishing to invest and implement developmental projects in the Iraqi oil sector, which has become a promising investment environment attracting investments and international companies. Pointing out that Iraq and after the declaration of victory day is working to attract international investments to develop the oil and gas industry and the liquidation sector and infrastructure and to achieve the highest economic return to Iraq.
The Ministry of Oil has recently invited international companies to participate in investment and develop (9) patches and border fields with Iran and Kuwait. As well as the presence of other tenders in the sectors of gas investment and extraction and liquidation, drilling, pipelines and infrastructure and others.

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