Iraq has raised the official sale price of Basra light crude to Asia in January to $ 0.15 to $ 0.25 a barrel from the average prices offered to Oman and Dubai, compared to the previous month, Iraq’s oil marketing company Sumo said on Wednesday.
Sumo said in an e-mail statement that the price of heavy Basra crude to Asia for the same month set at a discount of $ 3.40 a barrel for Oman and Dubai.
The official sale price of Basra light crude for shipments to North and South American markets in January was set at $ 0.15 a barrel below the Argos index for high sulfur crude, down from the previous month while the price of selling Kirkuk crude to the United States fell to a premium of $ 0.65 per barrel The same indicator.
For shipments to Europe, the price of Basra light crude for January was down $ 0.25 to Brent, below $ 3.05 per barrel, while the price of Kirkuk crude was set at $ 2.95 for Brent.


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