The Ministry of Oil announces that the production capacity of the refinery of Kirkuk reached 56 thousand barrels per day


The Ministry of Oil announced on Monday that the production capacity of the refinery in Kirkuk to 56 thousand barrels per day, noting that the achievement will save a lot of hard currency.
“The second unit of Kirkuk refinery was completed with a capacity of 13 thousand barrels per day, to reach the production capacity of the refinery 56 thousand barrels per day,” Oil Minister Jabbar Ali al-Allaibi said in a statement received by Alsumaria News.
“The rehabilitation and operation of the second unit will provide coverage for a large part of the local need for the people of the province of Kirkuk and neighboring provinces and provides a lot of hard currency as a result of reducing the proportion of fuel imports from abroad.”
Al-Allaibi pointed out that “determination, challenge and determination was the title of creativity and achievement of Iraq thanks to the sincere national efforts of the workers in the oil sector, and they have the word chapter in transforming the dilapidated and obsolete and out of service card effective producer, after rehabilitation and return to production possibilities available despite the difficult financial and economic conditions And in record time. ”
On August 27, 2016, the Ministry of Oil invited qualified and financial companies to invest in 4 oil refineries, noting that refineries included Kirkuk refinery, refinery in Kut, refinery in Samawa and refinery in Basra.

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