Rafidain Bank announces plan to build highways for Basmaya residential complex


Rafidain Bank announced on Sunday that there is joint coordination with other banks to provide the necessary funds to build highways to reach Basmaya residential complex.
The director general of the bank Khawla Taleb Jabbar said in a statement that the deliberations and meetings with some banks resulted in the willingness to provide funds and financing the highways connecting to the complex Basmaya housing, as the project includes completion of roads from the accelerators of the channel and Mohammed al-Qasim towards the complex.
She added that the end of the access roads to the complex will be in the form of hand five outlets, to ensure that there is no traffic congestion to enter the complex.
Al-Asadi confirmed that a committee formed for this purpose headed by Minister of Construction and Housing Ann Nafie to determine the launch of the project after the completion of technical aspects.

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