The gas investment complex was inaugurated in the field of Badra with a capacity of 200 million cubic meters per day


The Ministry of Oil inaugurated the gas investment complex in Badra field in the presence of Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak, who visited Iraq two days ago.
The Minister of Oil Jabbar Ali Al-Allaibi during the opening of the ministry’s keenness to optimize the gas associated with oil operations and stop burning completely and turn it into a useful energy to supply power plants and petrochemical plants and fertilizers as well as the provision of large quantities of liquid gas.
“The design capacity of this complex is an investment and treatment of more than 200 million standard cubic feet per day of raw gas divided into two production units, and the current production of dry gas is more than 40 million standard cubic feet per day, which is expected to rise to more than 50 Million cubic feet per day in the next year 2018, and is currently supplying power station Zubaidiyah in Wasit province dry gas through a pipe size of 18 knots and a length of 106 kilometers was created for this purpose.
Al-Allaibi pointed out “the importance of this project, which plans to produce more than 300 tons of liquid gas covering the need of the province and the excess of the surplus of the national production in good quantities as well as large amounts of sulfur material, and our current production of liquid gas from this field more than 140 tons per day, And that this project is one of the advanced complexes have been implemented according to the latest specifications and modern technology.
For his part, Russian Minister Alexander Novak said that “the coalition of oil companies that develop the field of oil Badra, led by the Russian company Kazprom has managed over the past years to achieve an increase in oil production in the field after the development to reach 85 thousand barrels per day.”
Novak praised the bilateral relations between Iraq and Russia and the keenness of Russian companies to contribute and invest in the development of oil fields in Iraq.
The Governor of Wasit Mahmoud Abdul Rida Mulla Talal praised the efforts of the Ministry of Oil and its keenness to develop the oil fields in the province through the optimal investment of oil and gas resources, and the contribution of the Ministry in the operation of power plants in the province and the distinctive participation in campaigns to upgrade the level of services provided to citizens.
“This project in the Badra field also includes the construction of a power plant with 5 gas turbine units with a generating capacity of 25 megawatts each. It is hoped that Badra district will soon be supplied with electricity after running this complex,” ministry spokesman Assem Jihad said.
Jihad added that the plan includes in addition to the establishment of two production lines of sulfur and 300 tons per day.
The oil minister Jabbar Ali al-Allaibi has suggested to the officials of the company, Kazprom to submit studies and proposals required on the possibility of expanding the development to include the areas of Zurbatia and the two branches of the two fields of oil field Badra according to the mechanisms of the appropriate contract agreed between the parties concerned, and to achieve the objectives and plans of the ministry and interests and mutual benefit.
The Minister of Oil instructed the construction of a complex and an integrated building of the Central Oil Company on the Tigris River in the center of the province, including the headquarters of the company as well as a cultural center and entertainment and an oil museum.
He also directed the oil minister to expand the compound of oil field Badra after the addition of buildings and service facilities integrated to be the nucleus of the oil city built in modern style.
As was allocated 63 thousand acres of land granted by the province for the purpose of distributing plots of land on the workers of the Central Oil Company.
The company has won the contract of the development of Badra oil field with a consortium of companies Petronas Malaysia and Tbao Turkish within the second licensing round.

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