Iraqi exhibitions begin the first steps to obtain the ISO International Certificate


The General Company for Exhibitions and Commercial Services in the Ministry of Commerce announced on Thursday the start of the implementation of the first steps to obtain an international ISO certificate for the rehabilitation of its staff and the implementation of the quality system in exhibitions.
“The first steps of the contract with the General Company for Engineering Inspection and Qualification in the Ministry of Industry have been initiated to obtain the ISO 9001 International Certificate for the year 2015 to qualify the company’s workers to work in the quality system in the work of the exhibitions,” the company’s general manager Hashim Mohammad Hatem said in a press release.
He added that “the first steps included in the paragraphs of the contract is the organization of an introductory seminar for senior management and middle management in the company, in which the advisory team of experts the objectives of rehabilitation and the content of quality management and how to proceed to implement the terms of the other contract.”
He added that “after the symposium was agreed on a number of recommendations, including the organization of a session for employees of the audit department of the company, in addition to reviewing the other steps followed by the implementation of contracts to obtain the ISO 9001 International Certificate for the year 2015.
He pointed out that “any step or recommendation is taken only after the ratification and supervision of the minutes of the visit and training.”
He pointed out that “the company signed this contract with the General Company for examination and engineering qualification, a company of the Ministry on the sidelines of the 44th session of the Baghdad International Fair.”

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