The Ministry of Oil announced on Wednesday the start of the first phase of the production of liquid and dry gas from the oil field of Badra.
Oil Minister Jabbar Ali Al-Luaibi said at a press conference held today, on the sidelines of the opening of the production unit, that “the field of Badra appeared to be the first phase of the production of liquid gas after being processed in the field of Badra oil within the project is integrated with a rate of 140 tons per day, in addition to the production of 40 cubic meters Standard of dry gas “.
“The production will gradually increase to reach good quantities of gas to achieve financial returns to maximize the federal treasury, as well as the environmental and health impact of the surrounding oil fields, in addition to the provision of electric stations with dry gas, which would achieve self-sufficiency of fuel.”
For his part, said Russian Minister Alexander Novak during his presence in the opening of the production unit that “the oil that is developing the oil field of Badra, which is headed by the company Kazprom Russian that it was able within seven years of increasing oil production in the field after the development to reach 90 thousand barrels per day,” noting that “The dry gas produced from the field will be allocated to Zubaidiyah power station.”
The company owns a 40% stake in the oil field of Badra, which won with four international oil companies to develop the field within the second licensing round, which the proportion of the Turkish company “TPO” on 10%, and 30% of the Korean company Ko Kaz, while Malaysia’s Petronas was 20%. “


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