The European Union funds two projects in Iraq


Iraq and the European Union (EU) on Wednesday signed a two-year agreement on the reconstruction of liberated areas and demining projects worth 4.60 million euros.
The Ministry of Planning said in a statement that “the Minister of Planning Salman Jumaili, signed the agreement on the Iraqi side, and the European side Director General of the Department of Cooperation Pierre Amelat.”
“The joint cooperation agreement between the Ministry of Planning and the European Union has been signed to implement two projects aimed at restoring stability and the return of civilians in the liberated areas,” Jumaili said at a press conference following the signing of the agreement.
He added that “the European Union and the contribution of a number of donor countries (Denmark, Finland, Italy, Japan, Estonia and the United Kingdom) will provide a grant of € 4.60 million for the implementation of these projects.”
He pointed out that “the two projects aim to meet the humanitarian challenges and the challenges of security, stability and reconciliation,” noting that “the first project will include a sum of (4.50) million euros allocated to help restore basic services and repair public infrastructure, as well as the revival of economic activity and the restoration of basic services As well as making a living by offering grants to small enterprises in order to ensure early recovery and rapid voluntary return to achieve sustainable development. ”
He explained that “the geographical scope of the project will include the areas that have been recently liberated (Anbar, Salah al-Din, Kirkuk, Nineveh, Diyala),” noting that “the second project was allocated 10 million euros to continue to facilitate the cleaning of land that has been contaminated by explosives” .

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