The Ministry of Industry and Minerals participates in the meetings of the Iraqi-Austrian Commission in Vienna and invites Austrian companies to participate and invest with their Iraqi counterparts


The Ministry of Industry and Minerals participated in the meetings of the Iraqi-Austrian Committee held in the capital of Vienna for the period from 27 to 29 November last year in the presence of the representative of the ministry Engineer Jalal Abbas Hussein, Director General of the General Company for Steel Industries within the Iraqi delegation headed by the Advisor to the Minister of Oil for Energy Zia Jafar al-Moussawi and representatives of other ministries. The meeting, which was attended by the Deputy Minister of Foreign Economy, Science and Research, a team of economic relations, the Technology, Housing, Mining, Energy, Foreign Affairs, Austrian Attaché in Iraq and members of the Iraqi delegation, held discussions and discussions on a number of topics and common issues and the signing of the tenth agreement between Iraq and Austria, Including the design and manufacture of steel structures and investment in the manufacture of girders, roadblocks, insulating panels, electric transmission towers, tubular and retina columns, and Heavy-duty plumbing, blacksmithing, shutters, shutters, special castings for the production of steel chains, sewer coverings, irrigation pumps, engines, continuous plumbing and rolling mills for the production of steel sections in various measurements, as well as in the fields of automobile industry, boats, inkmaking, thermal insulation, environmental pollution, industrial waste, Engines, manufacturing and assembling of tractors and agricultural equipment, pumps and sprinklers of irrigation systems, manufacture of wires, electrical midwives, thermal bricks, copper and alloy industry The meeting also included interest in the exchange of scientific research and provision of training opportunities and transfer of technology in various industrial sectors. The Iraqi side submitted a request to provide training opportunities and study fellowships to the Ministry of Industry and Minerals in various industrial sectors. For his part, the Austrian side expressed its desire to cooperate with the Iraqi side in the field of mining statistics and the field of iron and steel industry, such as the pieces used in bridges, planks, plumbing, steel and cold rolled steel and in the field of electrical transmission equipment such as transport towers, columns, transformers and midwives as well as environmental technologies, Waste, sustainable energy, wastewater, agricultural equipment and power generation plants. At the end of the meeting, the two sides agreed to hold the 11th meeting of the joint economic committee in Baghdad after setting the date in coordination between the diplomatic channels in both countries. On the sidelines of the meeting, the Iraqi delegation participated in the activities of the Austrian Arab Forum, which was held by the Austrian Arab Chamber of Commerce, with the participation of many officials in the Arab countries and Austria and attended by the Iraqi delegation. A number of Austrian companies where the forum included discussions and exchange of views and views on investment in Iraq and Arab countries. A joint meeting was held with a number of Austrian companies in coordination with the Austrian Embassy and the Iraqi Embassy in Austria and the Iraqi Chamber of Commerce to discuss ways to enhance joint cooperation and strengthen economic relations between Iraq and Austria. The Iraqi delegation called on Austrian companies to work in Iraq and enter into contracts of participation and investment, The great victories achieved by the Iraqi security forces and the improvement of the situation in Iraq in line with the general trend of the Iraqi government towards investment to implement vital strategic joint projects and contribute to reconstruction campaigns and reconstruction in the Ladd.

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