The General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers said that the Council of Ministers decided to establish the General Company for Air Navigation Service with a capital of 50 billion dinars.
“It was voted on to establish the General Company for Air Navigation to ensure efficient national administration to manage the Iraqi airspace and improve the situation of workers in this important sector,” she said in a press statement.
“The company will be funded by the public treasury, while radars, wireless systems, landing and take-off systems and the Institute of Training of Air Observers of the General Civil Aviation Corporation will be considered assets of the new company with a capital of KD 100 million.”
“The decision of the Council of Ministers provided that the British company Sirkou to do the same tasks in addition to the task of collecting fees for transit and proximity during the activation of the contract between the General Establishment of Civil Aviation and the Union of International Air Carriers IATA, and open an account at the Iraqi Bank for Trade.
“For the purpose of depositing these fees, and using its resources to pay the salaries of air controllers, and pay part of the wages of the service contract to the company Sirkou, while the government pays the remaining amount of the monthly service contract payments to the British company Sirkou until 30/6/2018, Obtained from transit and proximity fees. “


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