The General Directorate for the production of electric power in Basra signed a contract with Siemens for the rehabilitation of the fourth and fifth generation units in the gas station of the gas station to stabilize the station with a capacity of about 430 megawatts.
As the project maintenance of the two units is of great importance in the stability of the station, which will contribute to the processes of repair and modernization and reduce the rate of loss of electricity, and this project with Siemens as part of these efforts adopted by the Ministry of Electricity to support the industrial development plans sought by the State and at the same time to Meeting the population demand as well as taking responsibility for implementation.
“Iraq has a clear vision for the future of the country’s energy sector,” said Gianluigi Di Giovanni, Executive Vice President, Energy Services, Middle East. “The company is proud to strengthen its long-term and solid cooperation with the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity. But will also increase the efficiency levels in the production of energy and raise the levels of power generation of these stations, and the company has more than forty years of experience in Iraq and has advanced technologies and is the ideal option to support development processes T is currently pursued by the State of Iraq, and today the company’s technologies contribute to generating more than 40% of the electricity that is distributed at the state level.


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