Next week .. Iraqi delegation in Tehran to arrange for the exchange of oil derivatives


An Iraqi delegation will head to the Iranian capital Tehran next week to finalize oil swap negotiations between the two sides.
“The talks of the Iraqi delegation will focus on the final agreement for the oil swap, as it is scheduled to supply Baghdad refineries of Tehran in oil, in exchange for Baghdad to receive derivatives through the Iranian export terminals” Khark “, located north-east of the Arabian Gulf “He said.
The Iranian minister said that the volume of oil production and gas condensates of Iran, ranged between 3.8 – 3.85 million barrels per day, and exports amounted to about 2.5 million barrels per day.
It should be noted that the “Sumo” Iraqi, signed mid-November last, a preliminary agreement to export to export oil from the rights of Kirkuk to Iran at rates of 30 to 60 thousand barrels per day, which can be increased.
He said the Iranian gas sector, Iraq has imported 1.2 billion cubic meters of Iranian gas since late June, referring to Tehran’s plan to export up to 25 million cubic meters of gas to Baghdad every day.
The Iraqi and Iranian oil ministries also discussed the supply of 15,000 barrels per day (bpd) of Iraqi crude oil to Kermanshah refinery, which will increase in future as the production capacity of the refinery is 25,000 barrels per day.
In February, al-Allaibi signed with his Iranian counterpart, Beijing Zinka, a memorandum to extend a pipeline to transport Iraqi crude from the Kirkuk fields through Iranian territory and to transfer Iraqi oil from Basra to Abadan, Iran.
He pointed out that the agreement will be followed in the near future, the signing of the final contract with the Iranian side after the completion of the agreement on some technical and operational issues.

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