Financial Advisor to the Association of Private Banks: Banks’ capital grew by 98% over the past five years


Financial advisor and banking Samir Nusairi said that the banking sector has developed over the past years significantly, indicating that the capital of banks has grown by 98% over the past five years.
Al Nusairi said in his speech at the conference “Banking and Investment” held in Baghdad, “The official indicators and data issued by the Central Bank confirms the growth in the level of capital by 98% compared to last year, as well as assets by 16%, deposits by 15% and credit by 77% “.
He explained that “the credit index is one of the most important indicators that indicate the contribution of the banking sector in development, especially as Iraq is experiencing a financial crisis since mid-2014.”
He pointed out that “the Iraqi banking and financial sector creates opportunities from crises and achieved a financial victory,” noting that “the next five years will achieve financial sustainability and become the banking sector is the main link in the Iraqi economy.”

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