The “Alq Baghdad” project was launched to develop 21 square meters in Baghdad worth 8.2 billion dinars


The project “Alq Baghdad”, which aims to rehabilitate 21 yards in Baghdad through the donation of 27 private banks and a government bank with the participation of the Governor of the Central Bank Ali Alaq and the Secretary of Baghdad, the memory of Alush and the President of the Association of private banks Wadih al-Hanal and representative of the World Bank in Iraq and musician Naseer Shamma .
The head of the committee cast Baghdad, musician Naseer Shamma, at a ceremony to lay the foundation stone, which was held in the square of secure in central Baghdad, “Baghdad today began to wear its new solution through the project shed Baghdad, which aims to develop 21 square in Baghdad,” adding that ” With its sons and we want it to be the capital of global capitals. ”
He pointed out that “the project launched Baghdad now launched after meetings lasted more than a year with government and private bodies, where great efforts have been made by the Great Association of private banks and the Central Bank and the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers and the Secretariat of Baghdad and others,” noting that “the development of Paradise will be within the project Baghdad “.
He pointed out that “the completion of these squares will be within 200 days,” noting that “the project of the Baghdad project includes several projects not only the development of squares, but also the development of branches Abu Nuwas Street and the door and the UNESCO theater.”
On the other hand, said the governor of the Central Bank, Ali Alalak, in his speech, “The project shed Baghdad will shed the image of the destruction, destruction and destruction that occurred in Baghdad,” calling for “to launch another campaign to remove distortions in the streets of the capital Baghdad.”
He pointed out that “the project cast Baghdad is one of the important projects that the Central Bank worked on its success in cooperation with the relevant authorities.”
“The project of launching Baghdad is a successful project between the private and public sectors,” Amina Baghdad said. “The private sector will be the financier and executor of this project while the public sector has provided logistical support.”
He noted that “the initiative cast Baghdad will have a very significant impact because it will build the facade of Baghdad through 21 yards,” he said,
In the meantime, the President of the Association of Private Banks, Wadih al-Hanal, said that “the initiative launched Baghdad achieved through the donation of 27 private banks and one government bank for 8.2 billion dinars,” noting that “the project, which laid the foundation for him today will be a real beginning to develop the capital Baghdad Remove all distortions. ”
He explained that “Baghdad deserves to work for it day and night and this initiative is part of the activity of the private sector,” adding that “for the first time issued a Diwani by the government headed the private sector to manage this project.”

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