Saudi Arabia announces a project in Iraq with millions of dollars and job opportunities


Aujan Coca-Cola Refreshments Company is preparing to launch a bottling plant in Iraq, expected to be next year, at a total cost of $ 66.6 million.
The plant, which includes juice and soft drinks production lines, is expected to provide more than 150 jobs. The plant will also play an important role in supporting Aujan Coca-Cola’s ongoing expansion plans in Iraq, enabling the company to meet growing domestic demand and serve neighboring markets.
The announcement of the new investment followed the participation of the company’s officials at the recent Baghdad International Exhibition, where the company participated in the exhibition in the group of companies co-led by the Saudi Export Development Authority. Is a perfect opportunity for Coca-Cola to confirm its commitment to expanding its operations across the region. ”
“The company has reached a stage of development that allows it to invest,” said Meshaal Al-Baris, vice president of strategic planning and business development at Aujan Coca-Cola. “The rapprochement in Saudi-UAE relations has contributed significantly to decision-making, The Saudi Export Development Authority has had a significant impact on this step, through the incentive provided by the Commission to invest in the Iraqi market.
The company is seeking to provide its products in the Iraqi market. The company has achieved excellent results through export operations in the past, in light of the success of its brands in the success of the Gulf markets, which contributed significantly to the strong entry into the market “The company has entered the Iraqi market since 2003 through export, and today the products will be provided through the plant to be established in Iraq, as the Iraqi market is one of the most promising markets in the Middle East.
The factory in Iraq is the fourth of the company Aujan Coca-Cola, after factories in the city of Dammam, “east of Saudi Arabia”, and the second plant in the UAE city of Dubai, while the third plant in Lebanon, explaining that the Iraqi factory will manufacture the three brands, Rani juice, “Perpican”, and concentrated juice «Vimto».
The Vice President of Strategic Planning and Business Development at Aujan Coca-Cola stressed that the motivation of the Saudi Export Development Authority has had the greatest impact on the decision to invest in Iraq, thanking the facilities provided by the Commission through its dealings with the company to enter the Iraqi market, in this A time when trade relations between Iraq, Saudi Arabia and the UAE are expected to increase.

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