The Iraqi parliament is seeking to pass a law “from where you have this” to be applied to officials from general managers and above


The legal committee in the Iraqi parliament has revealed efforts to pass a law (from where do you have this?) To apply to officials from general managers and above, while pointing out that the proposed law will also include officials in the Kurdistan region.
“After Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi announced the war on corruption, we need a law to prosecute corrupt people and verify their sources of wealth,” committee member Zana Said said in a health statement on Wednesday.
“The proposal includes the prosecution of all directors-general and higher in all provinces, as well as in the region because officials there acted with imported federal revenues Of oil and customs and the federal budget, which was the disposal of the region, “noting that” there is likely to be enrichment without cause and misappropriation. ”
A member of the parliamentary legal committee that “the duties of the federal government to be keen on public money and to track those officials who have influenced for no reason and had an illegal gain,” adding that “time enough to approve this proposal, especially with a real will to eliminate corruption and will Also popular

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