Transport Minister takes the first plane heading to Kiev announcing the launch of the air line with it


Transport Minister Kazem Vajan al-Hamami announced on Monday the launch of an air flight between Baghdad and Kiev.
“We have shortened the time and intensified our efforts to open this line,” Al-Hammami said. “It is important considering the size of the Iraqi community there, as well as the dimensions of the arrival of airlines to Europe In lifting the ban on the green bird. ”
Al-Hamami pointed out that “the ministry is working on the opening of several airlines with the world to increase the continuity of the Iraqi traveler with the outside,” adding that “this line will contribute to the completion of strategic projects in Iraq, especially in the city of Mosul.”
According to a press release issued by the ministry, “the Iraqi delegation was officially received by Iraqi Ambassador to Ukraine Maher Sabah and members of the embassy.”
This is the third line opened by the Ministry of Transport after Minsk and Moscow.

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