The Foreign Minister discussed with the Japanese Foreign Minister the prospects of joint cooperation and increasing the volume of trade and investment between the two countries


Foreign Minister Dr. Ibrahim al-Jaafari received the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs of Japan Masahisa Sato in his office in Baghdad. The meeting discussed the bilateral relations between the two countries and stressed the need to open new horizons for mutual cooperation.
“Iraq has won over the global enemy, which threatened all of humanity by joining forces militarily in the fronts of confronting the gangs and supporting the terrorists, politically by opening up to the countries of the world and supporting the friendly countries,” he said. Reconstruction of Iraq’s infrastructure.
He said that Iraq wants to open more horizons for joint cooperation and increase the volume of trade exchange and investment between Iraq and Japan, especially that Japan possesses advanced experiences in various fields. He called for activating the joint Iraqi-Japanese committee, opening a consulate for Japan in Basra and enhancing cooperation in the humanitarian field, Security, intelligence and service.
During the meeting, Dr. Jaafari expressed his thanks and appreciation for Japan’s support for Iraq in its war against terrorist gangs and its establishment in international forums.
For his part, the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs of Japan congratulated the Iraqis on the victories they had achieved in their war against terrorism, stressing that Japan supports the unity and sovereignty of Iraq and the maintenance of the security and stability achieved.
Masahisa Sato: Japan continues to support Iraq, and we will contribute to the reconstruction of the infrastructure of Iraqi cities and we will host a meeting to support Iraq early next year, noting Basra is an important economic station, and his country is seriously considering the opening of consulate, because the strategy of the next Japanese government in Iraq is work To open a number of projects in Basra, and to employ Japanese expertise.

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