There are weights by passing the budget of 2018 with a share (12%) only for the Kurdistan region


The Iraqi Council of Representatives intends to pass the budget of 2018 by voting by majority and determining the share of the Kurdistan region by 12%.
“The Iraqi parliament is determined to pass the 2018 budget through a majority vote,” said the deputy of the State of Law Coalition (the largest bloc in parliament).
He added that “most members of parliament insist not to exceed the proportion of Kurdistan region (12)%,” returned that ratio “normal” and corresponds to the census of the population.
He pointed out that “the maturity of the region is not 17%,” pointing out that “the Baghdad government was granting the region 17% because of certain circumstances was passing by the region”
He pointed out that “the parliament will pass in the passage of this budget by the real region,” noting that “the budget law is still the government and the parliament is waiting to arrive to pass it.”

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