UAE Civil Aviation cancels flight ban in Iraqi airspace


The United Arab Emirates Aviation Authority (UAEA) decided on Friday to lift the ban on flights in Iraqi airspace after amilitary operations against ISIS were nearing completion.
“The UAE aviation authority has decided to cancel the flight ban in Iraqi airspace and the UAE airlines will begin to cross Iraqi airspace instead of passing over Iranian airspace from mid-next week,” a civil aviation source said.
The source pointed out that “after the abolition of the embargo will begin flights Emirates and the Union across the Iraqi airspace to various countries.”
He explained that “the number of transit aircraft will reach 500 aircraft per day in principle and then increase the number to fold this number per day estimated the proportion of revenues expected after the lifting of the ban at $ 187,500 thousand per day and at this rate only reach the revenues of the Iraqi airspace to $ 68 million annually, The cost of crossing the Iraqi airspace is $ 375 per plane. ”
The source added that “expected to raise the US Air Force soon also after the end of military operations, which is expected to reach the number of aircraft transiting the Iraqi airspace to 2000 aircraft per day, and if the Iraqi government to raise the fees for the passage of airspace to $ 1000 similar to neighboring countries, the amount expected Of crossing the Iraqi airspace in this case may reach 700 million dollars annually. “

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