South Refineries plans to sign a contract with JICA for the development and production of gasoline


The South Refinery Company in Basra announced its intention to sign a contract with Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) for the development and establishment of gasoline production units within the international specifications, within the loan provided by the Japanese government.
“They are in an advanced stage of negotiating with JICA, which represents the Japanese government to establish FCC units that will contribute to solving the problem of producing fuel oil (black oil), which is produced in the Shuaiba refinery without benefiting from it,” Hussam Hussain said in a statement.
He pointed out that “the establishment of the site for the purpose of the establishment of those units that will contribute to the production of kerosene within the international specifications, which will contribute to the domestic market of oil products in accordance with international standards and competition for them,” stressing that “there are advanced stages with the Japanese side in taking the necessary approvals, By the Minister of Oil for the purpose of initiating and initiating the project. ”
He explained that “the cost of the project will be within the loan provided by the Japanese government to the Ministry of Oil and $ 3.6 billion for the establishment of those important projects.”

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