Anbar Provincial Council announces the date of re-opening Al-Walid port


A member of Anbar provincial council Sabah al-Karhout on Friday announced the reopening of Al-Waleed port between Iraq and Syria in the coming days and soon after the stability of the security situation in the province now and the liberation of all the cities of Anbar from the organization calling the terrorist.
“The province of Anbar is completely liberated from terrorism after the liberation of the last strongholds of the state of terrorism in Rawah and the securing of all the desert areas, which will contribute to the reopening of Al-Walid port between Iraq and Syria in the coming period,” Karhout said.
He added that “the opening date of the port of Alwaleed very soon, which will contribute to the revitalization of trade and economic movement in Iraq and Anbar with the exchange of goods and goods between the two countries with the return of traffic by road.”
Karhout said that “the past years before 2014 was the border ports provide Anbar with a large financial budget, which gave financial resources have been invested in the establishment of large service and industrial projects.”

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