Iran has agreed to invest in four vital sectors in Diyala, a local official said


Khalidi said on Tuesday that preliminary approval by Iran to invest in four vital sectors of Diyala, stressing that investment is the best solution to address the unemployment crisis within the province.
“Iran has agreed in principle to invest in four vital sectors, most notably the industry and housing within the province of Diyala after a round of important talks held at the Iranian embassy in Baghdad between a delegation of Iraqi businessmen for the people of the province and commercial attachés in the Iranian embassy.”
He added that “Iran finds the security situation in Diyala stable and stimulating to drive the pace of investment forward,” stressing that “the coming period will witness a influx of Iranian businessmen and investment companies to Baquba to see the available investment opportunities and coordination mechanisms with the competent authorities.”
He pointed out that “the investment is the best solution to address the unemployment crisis in Diyala, which exceeded the barrier of 30%.” He stressed that “Khalis district enjoys significant investment opportunities at the level of Diyala, especially in the sectors of industry, agriculture and housing and will be one of the gates of investment coming with the Iranian side.
The head of the Diyala province, Ali al-Daini, announced on Thursday (October 12, 2017) the formation of a committee to study the issue of electricity investment within the province, indicating that the results of the study will determine the decision of the Diyala Council to reject or accept investment.

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