The Ministry of Oil is preparing to establish Kirkuk refinery


The Ministry of Oil announced that it is working on the establishment of a new refinery in the province of Kirkuk with a capacity of 50 thousand barrels per day.
“The ministry is working in parallel lines to build a new refinery in Kirkuk with a capacity of 50 thousand barrels per day through investment, rehabilitation and expansion of the old refinery to cover the need for local maintenance of gasoline,” Oil Minister Jabbar al-Allaibi said in a press interview. “In the coming days, “He said.
He pointed out that “ambitious plans include investment in the field of gas and refineries and the development of pipelines and pipelines,” noting that “work is underway to restore the line 26 knots coming from the districts of China and Bihi up to the cycle of compensation and export through the ports of the south.”

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