100 Iraqi economic figures were invited to visit Saudi Arabia


“The Saudi-Iraqi Business Forum will be organized,” said the official in charge of the political, economic, cultural and media files at the Saudi embassy in Baghdad. “There is an invitation to nearly 100 Iraqi businessmen, businessmen, economists and banks.
“The seminar organized by the Prince Saud Al-Faisal Institute for Diplomatic Studies on the Saudi-Iraqi relations and its future prospects was successful and the personalities I was invited to were highly specialized in the fields of politics, economics and military science,” Al-Otaibi told Saudi newspaper Al-Riyadh.
He stressed that “progress in bilateral relations is happening rapidly, and that in the near future cultural cooperation is being prepared to invite ten Iraqi universities, followed by ten others. There will also be research and academic cooperation between Iraqi universities and their Saudi counterparts. The Iraqis want to sign a memorandum of understanding between the Ministry Higher Education in Iraq and the Ministry of Education in the Kingdom. ”
He explained that “in the field of economy and business, Al-Otaibi said that the” Saudi-Iraqi Business Forum “will be organized and there is an invitation to nearly 100 Iraqi businessmen and professionals in finance, business, economy and banks. The first session of the forum will be held soon, And the head of the Iraqi Financial Supervisory Authority, all of which are in the economic, financial and investment aspects in the Kingdom and Iraq.

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