Kuwaiti planes return to land at Iraqi airports


Transport Minister Kazem Al-Yamami announced on Monday the return of Kuwaiti planes to land at Iraqi airports next month.
“Minister of Transport Kazem Venjan Al-Hamami met his Kuwaiti counterpart, Minister of State for Services Affairs and Minister of State for Housing Affairs, Mr. Yasser Hassan Abel, on the sidelines of the Iraqi delegation’s visit to Kuwait under the chairmanship of President Fuad Masum,” the ministry said in a statement.
The statement added that “many issues of mutual interest and future projects between the two countries have been discussed with regard to the transport sector.”
He said that “Al-Hammami announced after the meeting with the Kuwaiti minister about the return of Kuwaiti aircraft to land at Iraqi airports mid-next month, noting: This step will be in the interest of the two brotherly countries.”
He added that “the Kuwaiti minister expressed the position of the Kuwaiti people and government with Iraq in the reconstruction blessed the great victories of criminal gangs.”
President Fuad Masum arrived at the head of an official delegation on an official visit to Kuwait where he met with the Amir of Kuwait Sabah al-Ahmad al-Jaber al-Sabah and Prime Minister Jaber al-Mubarak.

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    Looking tired and deeply shaken, the Emir of Kuwait ended seven and a half months of exile today, returning to his devastated country 16 days after the final flight of Iraqi occupiers.

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