The General Company for Fertilizer Industry discussed with a delegation of the Jordanian company “Nouran group” the possibility of cooperation in the field of investment for the company’s factories …


The General Company for Fertilizer Industry, one of the companies of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals, discussed with the delegation of Jordan’s Nouran group the possibility of finding ways of cooperation and coordination between the two companies in the field of investment and the implementation of new production lines in the company’s factories.
The director general of the company, Fawzi Abbas Ali said in a statement to the Media and Public Relations Center at the headquarters of the ministry that during the discussions to provide a detailed study on investment, especially the site of factories Abi al-Khasib, which showed great interest in the study should include the introduction of modern technologies in the field of nitrogen fertilizer production in addition to A plan to promote and sell products to cover the need of the local market and the possibility of exporting surplus, adding that this is through the use of expertise of Iraqi cadres specialized in the operation of production lines and utilization of natural resources available, noting that the implementation of these projects through The law of investment and partnership or manufacturing for others, pointing out that entering the vital projects will contribute actively to the development of the company’s manufacturing capabilities and is working to add marketing outlets to meet the needs of Iraqi markets and achieve new financial resources.
The Jordanian company delegation reviewed the capabilities and expertise that it possesses and the projects implemented by it inside and outside Jordan in several fields, especially in the fertilizer industry.

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