The drilling of 7 new wells was completed in the Halfaya field in Maysan


Maysan Oil Company announced on Sunday the completion of the drilling of 7 new wells in the field of Halafaya, within the development of the company’s fields of investment effort, which began after the conclusion of oil licensing rounds in 2010,
The new wells were drilled by the Chinese companies Bohai and Dajin in the third and final phase of the development of the field, which are the wells of Hafaya (215, 141, 145, 157, 159, 170 and 183), Adnan Nushi, general manager of Maysan Oil Company said in a statement.
“The total number of wells excavated in the Halfaya field since Petrojina began development under the contract with the second licensing round reached 218 wells.
Saget pointed out that these wells will be linked within the production system of the company, which will contribute to increase the ceiling of production of crude oil and its positive return to support the national economy and enhance exports of the company.

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