Ministry of Industry intends to open new projects


The Ministry of Industry and Minerals intends to open new projects soon, confirming its plans and efforts to develop its companies and turn them into profitable and productive.
The ministry reviewed in a statement Sunday the new projects and factories opened by the Minister of Industry and Minerals and the agency Mohammed Shiaa Sudanese in a number of companies of the ministry during the past period, which included various industrial areas such as construction, engineering, chemical, textile, leather and others.
The opening of these projects contributed to the addition of new products and the achievement of financial returns and the development of the reality of some industries. It included the opening of the Baghdad plastic factory belonging to the General Company for Construction Industries and the opening of the rock wool factory and the production lines of the developed polymer asphalt and aluminum castings at the State Company for Mining Industries. In the General Company for the manufacture of cars and equipment specialized production of Mercedes trucks and German trucks Scania and Volvo Swedish production capacity (5000) trucks annually.
The production line of the military shoe was opened at the direct injection factory of the General Company for Textile and Leather Industries, which consists of machines for cutting the skin and sewing, and modern machines and advanced electronically managed direct injection of German-origin polyurethane, with a production capacity of 500 pairs for one meal, Iraq for the production of industrial oils and the Baghdad factory for the packaging and bottling in the General Company for food products and others.
The ministry affirmed its readiness to open up and cooperate with serious investors and private sector companies that are financially and technically able to avoid corruption in previous decades and to diversify local production, improve value added and cover the needs of the Iraqi market.

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