The President of the Republic, Fuad Masum, that Iraq will give the Kuwaiti investor priority in the implementation of projects.
“We appreciate the State of Kuwait’s interest in the reconstruction of Iraqi areas liberated from the ISIS,” Masoum said in a press interview. “He thanked Kuwait for hosting the conference of donors for the reconstruction of these areas scheduled for early next year.”
“We attach great importance to this conference and we thank the State of Kuwait for sponsoring it, stressing that the conference is very important to help Iraq.”
He pointed out that “we can not predict today the size of what will happen to Iraq, but we are optimistic about the surrounding environment that paves the way for the conference and because it will be in the State of Kuwait.”
He called on Kuwaiti companies to play a bigger role in many of the investment fields available in Iraq, including large projects in the reconstruction of damaged infrastructure in the country.
He stressed that his country will grant the Kuwaiti investor priority, advising that the deal directly with the relevant ministries and concerned parties, especially after Iraq has completed its daily field war with ISIS and improve the security situation in the country.


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