Bank shares rise in the Iraqi stock market at the close


The general index of the bourse rose by 2.13%, closing at 570.98 points, winning 11.92 points, compared to the closing level of last Thursday’s session.
And support the performance of the index the rise of shares of 15 companies, including 10 banks, provided by the Bank of Kurdistan by 10%, followed by Mosul by 5.88%, the Gulf 5.41%, and the Bank of Babylon by 3.33%.
On the other hand, the shares of 4 companies, including the manufacture and marketing of dates fell by 2.83%, the modern sewing by 1.12%, the real estate by 0.52%, and the production of ready-made clothes 0.45%.
Trading volume increased by 2.18 billion shares, valued at 1.16 billion dinars, against 1.79 billion shares worth KD 897.22 million in the previous session.
Banks were the top gainers, with Middle East Bank the volume leader, with 984.43 million shares changing hands at KD 374.89 million.
The number of shares bought by foreign investors reached 787.72 million shares, worth KD 333.17 million, through the implementation of 120 transactions on the shares of 6 companies.
While the number of shares sold by foreign investors 751.02 million shares, worth 288.1 million dinars, through the implementation of 83 transactions on the shares of 3 companies.

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