The foundation stone for the rehabilitation and development of 20 yard Baghdadiya will be placed within the project “Alaq Baghdad” next month


After the initiative of the Ambassador of UNESCO, announced by the Ambassador of Peace, Iraqi musician Naseer Shamma, about a year ago, the stages of preparation and preparation are reaching the stage of actual implementation and in the presence of the Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers, Dr. Mahdi Alalak held a high committee for the initiative of Baghdad, The meeting discussed the axes of this initiative, which was the launch of a project to develop and rehabilitate 20 squares of Baghdad’s important squares on the first of next month, according to the latest and finest architectural, aesthetic and recreational specifications that add Cultural touches on the capital Baghdad.
The meeting was chaired by Naseer Shamma, who included representatives of the Council of Ministers, the Central Bank of Iraq, the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Antiquities, the Ministry of Water Resources, the Baghdad Secretariat, the Baghdad Operations Command and the Makiya Foundation as well as the Association of Iraqi Private Banks.
“The contracts will be signed with the companies that have been referred for implementation on the 20th of this November, while the blessing of Allah will launch the project in a special ceremony including the laying of the foundation stone for one of these squares, In the Rusafa side on the first of next month. ”
“The ceremony will include a comprehensive exhibition of the designs of the 20 squares that are located on the sides of Karkh and Rusafa at the site of the celebration where the executing companies will start work in these squares simultaneously and will launch a process of daily filming of all stages of work and over six months and the time to complete the implementation These arenas according to the application launched by Zain Iraq mobile phone, which allows any citizen to follow and watch the implementation process.
Naseer Shamma explained that “the delay in launching the implementation of this important axis of the initiative of Baghdad to our desire to achieve the utmost accuracy in the selection and referral, specifications and implementation, which conformed to the World standard document approved by the World Bank and high transparency and under the direct supervision of the Prime Minister and under the auspices of Central Bank of Iraq “.
Shamma thanked all those who contributed to the preparation, preparation and success of this project, especially the Association of Iraqi private banks represented by its President Wadih al-Hanal and all private banks that have donated funding this project in an amount of more than eight billion Iraqi dinars.
“The committee also discussed the preparations and preparations for the completion of the basic document of the Baghdad Forest Project, which was designed by the Iraqi engineer Mohammed Al-Assam and will include the creation of three lakes in the form of Iraq map and the largest fountain in the Middle East and perhaps the world and resembles the fountain of Las Vegas in America, and will be accompanied by Iraqi music composed by Naseer Shamma And reflect the music of Iraq as well as centers and facilities for recreation and tourism are different, as was discussed the door Wastani in the wall of Baghdad and provide all the basic requirements that contribute to the completion of the project and overcome all obstacles to be a comprehensive tourist center for many facilities T will be accessible and service to all citizens. ”
The UNESCO Ambassador for Peace also discussed the selection and establishment of the UNESCO Theater in one of Baghdad’s heritage buildings in Al Mutanabbi Street, which will contribute to the cultural mobility as a new cultural oasis and cultural and artistic management free and under the full auspices of UNESCO. Heritage features “.
“Our success in starting the implementation of the first axis of the initiative prompted many Iraqi talents to provide their voluntary services to restore the prestige and splendor of the beloved Baghdad. In this context, the committee saw an integrated film about the project” Darban Abi Nuwas “, which includes the development of two kilometers of the banks of the Tigris, Iraqi Samir Daoud includes the construction of the eastern neighborhood and the western district and includes squares and squares and centers of cultural, tourist and entertainment and a summer theater and bear the names of a number of prominent cultural figures Baghdadiya such as Jeweler and Mustafa Jawad and Siyab and Ismail Fattah Turk and Dr. Tariq Mazloum and Hashim Rajab and Seen them. “

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