The Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers, Dr. Mahdi Al-Alak, said that the private sector gives its employees greater opportunities for excellence and creativity through competition between its categories based on experience.
In a statement to the Secretariat, the Secretary-General praised the efforts made by the Association for the Rehabilitation of New Graduates, which was held at the headquarters of the Association of Iraqi Private Banks in Baghdad, in the presence of the President of the Association Wadih Al-Handal and Ambassador of Peace to UNESCO. The economic sphere in general and banking in particular and training and prepare them well for the labor market in the private sector in line with the government’s approach to the private sector.
For his part, the President of the Association of Private Banks Wadih al-Hanal said that “Tamkeen program was launched two months ago through special forms and submitted on the website of the Association,” noting that “this meal included 60 students from various economic disciplines and from various Iraqi universities as well as banking specialties And accounting. ”
“The association is in the process of negotiating with a number of banks to sign Tamkeen graduates within the next few days after passing the interviews that qualified them for the appointment,” he said.



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