Presidential palaces were referred to investment


The Department of Real Estate State near the referral of presidential palaces surrounding Baghdad International Airport on investment, indicating that this would contribute to the budget of the country. In addition to the provision of national manpower, while the Department expected revenues to reach 90 billion dinars at the end of this year as a result of the reforms that affected the Department recently.
The Director General of the Real Estate Department of the State, Ahmed al-Rubaie in an extended dialogue with “morning” will be published later: The Department is moving to refer all presidential palaces across the country to invest to serve as tourist cities serve the interest of the country, noting that his department is in the referral of presidential palaces near the airport Baghdad International Investment. He added that the investor will undertake to develop these sites and in a manner that is consistent with the aspirations of the country’s economic and financial, noting that this step is sufficient to pay the public budget for additional amounts, and the provision of national manpower, stressing at the same time that the Department will achieve revenues of the treasury up to 90 billion dinars end This year.

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