Saudi aid arrives in Iraq via Arar border crossing


The Committee on Foreign Relations in the Iraqi parliament, revealed Thursday, the entry of Saudi aid to Iraq during the coming period through the port of Arar border.
“A parliamentary delegation headed by the chairman of the Iraqi-Gulf Friendship Association MP Hassan Shuwaird al-Hamdani and during his visit to Saudi Arabia yesterday, visited the King Salman Center for Relief and Humanitarian Affairs, where he was received by Deputy Secretary-General of the Center, Amer al-Mazroui.”
The statement added that “Mazrouei praised the return of water to the streams in relation to the relations between the two neighboring countries and brothers,” stressing at the same time that “large aid will arrive in Iraq under the direct guidance of King Salman bin Abdul Aziz.”
He explained that “this assistance will reach Iraq through the port of Arar and in direct coordination with the Iraqi government.”

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