Ministry of Industry criticizes the dumping of the market goods of neighboring countries and demanding “strict measures”


The Minister of Industry and Minerals Mohammed Shiaa al-Sudani said on Wednesday the need to implement “serious and strict” measures to stop the policy of dumping goods to the Iraqi market and support national production.
Al-Sudani said in a statement that “the Iraqi industrial sector, government, private and mixed suffers from disruption and weak marketing because of the policy of dumping goods imported goods by neighboring countries and the world.”
He added that “Iraqi markets are open to imported goods and goods of the standard and poor quality and cheap prices. In contrast, there are national products manufactured according to international standards and conform to the Iraqi standards approved and use raw raw materials and the consequent additional costs of production.”
Al-Sudani called for “a serious stand to support the national industry in all its public, private and mixed sectors to counter foreign and domestic attempts and conspiracies aimed at stopping the national industry since 2003 as part of the destruction of this country and the rehabilitation of factories of neighboring countries at the expense of the national interest.”

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