Iran: 12 million cubic meters of gas exported to Baghdad daily


Iran’s oil minister, Hamid Reza, said on Tuesday that he will export nearly 12 million cubic meters of gas to the capital Baghdad daily and expects to export Iranian gas to the province of Basra by the end of this year.
“The implementation of the two projects of gas exports to Baghdad and Basra in Iraq, one of the most important current projects for the export of Iranian gas,” Hamid Iraqi said in a press statement.
He said “raising the problems associated with payment of dues to Iran from gas exports to Iraq, and said: No restrictions in front of access to money.”
“Iran has extended the gas pipeline to Basra in its territory, while the Iraqi side still has problems with the contractor to extend the gas pipeline and promised to complete the completion of the project within the next three months,” he said.
Currently, the pipeline of Iranian gas exports to Baghdad has been extended. If the second pipeline of Iranian gas exports to Basra is launched, Iraq will become one of the largest importers of Iranian gas by buying 40 million cubic meters of gas per day.

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