Iraq buys US wheat in a direct deal outside the bidding system


Two Iraqi officials said Iraq had bought US wheat in a deal directly outside the tender system.
They added that wheat was purchased from Cargill and ADM.
The two officials did not confirm the amount of hard-boiled winter wheat, but traders said Cargill sold 300,000 tons, while EDM sold 150,000 tons.
“Direct purchase of wheat helps us get better prices and boost the country’s reserves quickly,” said a trade ministry adviser, who asked not to be identified because he was not authorized to speak to the media.
Traders said the shipment would arrive in the next three months.
In May, the Iraqi cabinet authorized the Ministry of Commerce to make direct purchases of wheat and rice to ensure food security.
Iraq faces difficulties importing grains for the subsidized food program after setting new conditions for payment and quality that kept traders away from international bidding this year.
The US Department of Agriculture announced on Tuesday the sale of 100,000 tons of hard-boiled winter wheat to Iraq for delivery during the 2018/2017 marketing year.

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