Iraq: 350 companies compete to buy bonds “Euphrates”


A spokesman for the Iraqi Ministry of Planning and Development Cooperation Abdul-Zahra al-Hindawi, announced that more than 350 companies from the international investment companies competed to buy the Iraqi bond, representing a global financial figure of up to 12 billion dollars.
Al-Hindawi said in an interview with Al-Hayat newspaper that “more than 350 international investment companies competed for the purchase of the Iraqi bond. These companies represent a global financial figure of 12 billion dollars. The volume of orders reached about 6 billion dollars for the Euphrates Guaranteed by the Iraqi government, not by any other international body, as in the case of Sindh I, the Tigris, which was included by the US government. ”
He said that “a large investment demand by international companies to buy Iraqi bonds, means that an important financing outlet will benefit Iraq to finance the chronic deficit of the budget, as well as moving the wheel of economic activity, and will reassure businessmen and investors and encourage them to enter Iraq strongly And to participate in the reconstruction of liberated areas. ”
“The important thing is to manage this file at the level of importance, because the achievement was not easy at all, but the result of the efforts of great and painstaking by the members of the Iraqi national team as experts are experienced in the economic arena at the national and international levels, And directing it to serve development. “

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