The Ministry of Oil agrees with a British company to assess the damage of Kirkuk fields


A spokesman for the Iraqi Oil Ministry, Assem Jihad, that Iraq agreed with the British company “British Petroleum” to form a committee to assess the status of fields to be developed in Kirkuk and reach a formula for cooperation.
“There was a meeting with the Middle East official of British Petroleum (BP) with the ministry officials, and it was agreed to set up a working team to assess things,” Jihad told the Sputnik website.
He added that “thus reaching a certain formula for cooperation in this framework, and take several steps for this committee to assess the status of fields to be developed and other and conduct surveys, disclosure, visits and other points to reach a formula for cooperation between the parties.”
Jihad said in (October 17), that all the Kirkuk oil fields became under the authority of the federal government in Iraq.

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