Ministry of Oil: The power station was built in Rumaila field


The Ministry of Oil announced the completion of the project to establish a power plant in the Rumaila field to equip it with electric power as well as to strengthen the national electricity system with 150-200 MW of electric power.
A spokesman for the Ministry of Oil Assem Jihad said in a statement that “the station Rumaila power generation is one of the large strategic projects and important within the plans of the ministry, which has been keen to implement the ministry since 2010, and will start pilot operation of the station soon, stressing that the station will feed the field of its full energy needs Electricity, as well as the strengthening of the national electricity system in the province energy estimated (150-200) megawatts.
Jihad added that “the project for the construction of an electric power plant in Rumaila field was implemented by the Chinese company” Sibek “has been chosen by the joint administration of the field within the tender offered by the Basra Oil Company for the purpose above, adding that this was done after several measures, The Iraqi ministers on the project in August 2014. ”
He added that “the project has included in addition to the construction of generating units for electric power, the implementation of concrete works with an area of ​​(26) thousand square meters and the extension of a cable of an area of ​​880 km.”

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