Mehdi Al-Alaq met with the Chairman of the Joint Iraqi-British Business Council


The Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers Mehdi Al-Alak, Chairman of the British-British Business Council Baroness Amy Nicholson, and a delegation of businessmen and investors met to discuss and discuss the implementation of investment projects and reconstruction in Iraq and efforts to restore stability to the liberated areas after recovery from the tyranny of the terrorist.
The delegation welcomed the visit of the delegation, stressing that it serves Iraq, and hopes to hold other meetings of this kind to support the movement of economy and investment in the country, as the Iraqi government is constantly supporting all efforts to develop all sectors, especially after the elimination of terrorist organizations.
Al Amin pointed out the preparations and discussions between the national team to prepare for the Iraq reconstruction conference which will be held in Kuwait in the presence of concerned parties from Kuwait and the World Bank and the steps of announcing investment opportunities. He called on all companies to participate in the conference in line with the Iraqi government On the principle of transparency in the selection of those companies, adding that it is hoped to hold another conference for investment after the Kuwait Conference to support the reconstruction movement throughout Iraq.
For her part, Baroness blessed Iraq’s efforts to eliminate terrorism and establish lasting peace in the region, pointing out the need for important companies to contribute to restoring the infrastructure of liberated cities.
She pointed out that diplomatic ties are developing trade ties, such as relations with neighboring countries, and the recent Iraqi openness to the countries of the region is the best evidence of the wisdom of political leadership in Iraq.
The Iraqi government is working to open up all investment horizons for giant companies to ensure the quality of work and rebuild and stabilize Iraqi cities and provide the best services to the Iraqi citizen.

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