The Integrity Commission is recovering 2.5 million dollars worth of international airlines


The Commission on Integrity revealed on Thursday that the recovery of nearly two and a half million dollars to the state treasury, noting that these funds were the responsibility of international airlines.
The agency said in a statement that “the investigative investigative field team to open the files of the Ministry of Transport was able to recover the amount of two million and 377 thousand and 811 dollars to the treasury of the state,” indicating that “those recovered amounts represent debts owed by international airlines.”
“These payments are due more than two years ago to the General Civil Aviation Establishment of the Ministry of Transport for rights to cross Iraqi airspace and landing and landing fees at Baghdad International Airport.”
The Commission pointed out that “in 2015, the teams investigated the investigative field investigating the files of ministries and institutions of the State, which is suspected of corruption, in addition to forming teams mobile inspection secret conducts inspections in the departments that are directly prejudicial to citizens, aims to ensure the provision of the best services to citizens and non-exposure Blackmail “.
It is worth mentioning that the Integrity Commission is an independent governmental body concerned with public integrity and combating corruption. It was established in Iraq on behalf of the Public Integrity Commission under the law of the Iraqi Governing Council and was promised by the Permanent Iraqi Constitution of 2005 as an independent body and subject to the supervision of the House of Representatives. .

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