Al-Anbar signs an investment contract for the “Ramadi Model City”


Anbar Provincial Council member, Barakat Al-Aifan, announced on Thursday the signing of an investment contract to establish the new city of Ramadi on the banks of Lake Habbaniyah by Korean companies.
“The Anbar Council signed an investment contract to establish the typical city of Ramadi on the banks of Lake Habbaniyah, northeast of Ramadi, which will be implemented by a group of Korean investment companies under the supervision of a government committee from Anbar and investment circles.”
He added that “the city of Ramadi model maps and designs have been developed before 2014 and stopped the work stages of completion and implementation of terrorist operations and includes the city of Ramadi model of nine to more than 400 thousand people and the establishment of power stations and housing units with advanced service facilities of schools and infrastructure.
“The Korean companies will start their work very soon without specifying a specific date for the start of the companies executing the project,” Aifan said.

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