On Thursday, the Ministry of Electricity signed two investment contracts to install four solar power plants with a capacity of 230 MW in Al Muthanna and Najaf governorates.
“The first contract was signed by the General Directorate for the production of electric power in the Middle Euphrates, and the second contract was concluded by the Directorate General for the production of electric power in Nasiriyah with the International Company for General Trading and Contracting to install and operate four photovoltaic stations,” ministry spokesman Musab al-Mudarab said in a statement.
He added that “three of them in the province of Muthanna is (Sawa / 1 card capacity of 30 MW, and Sawa / 2 card capacity of 50 MW, and vegetables with a capacity of 50 MW), that the total capacity in the province of Muthanna (130) MW, The fourth production capacity of (100) megawatts in the area of ​​Haidariyah Najaf province.
The teacher said that “the ministry will purchase electricity from the company invested at (3.5) three and a half cents per kilowatt-hour, or at (35) dollars per megawatt, for fifteen years.”


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