Anbar province signs agreements to establish a five-star hotel, an international hospital and heart and cancer centers


The chairman of the reconstruction committee in Anbar province, Arkan Khalaf al-Tarmoz, announced on Wednesday the signing of agreements with Korean investment companies to establish a five-star hotel and an integrated complex for businessmen and a private international hospital and centers of heart and cancer.
“A delegation from the local government of Anbar visited the Republic of South Korea to finalize with the Korean company Trak to carry out large projects in the province,” Tarmuz said in an interview.
“The delegation included him in addition to Deputy Governor Anbar Ali Farhan, Chairman of the Anbar Ahmed Humaid Sharqi, Chairman of the Anbar Investment Committee Ahmed Al-Hashem, Chairman of the investment Mahdi Saleh and members of the Parliament Ghada Al-Shammari and Nahla Jabbar Al-Fahdawi.”
“This visit comes at the invitation of TRAC Development Group, which deals with major projects in terms of development, construction, design and financing, especially in relation to new and smart cities,” he added.
“The signing of agreements worth one billion dollars with Korean investment companies in various areas, including the construction of new cities and a five-star hotel and an integrated complex for business and large conference rooms and international private hospital and heart centers and dialysis and treatment of cancer and other facilities.
It is noteworthy that some of the infrastructure in Anbar suffered destruction and destruction as a result of military operations and “terrorist” after the control of the organization in most of the cities of the province in 2014, while seeking the local government to contract with investment companies to rebuild the province.

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