Basra uses oil companies to finance their service projects


Basra Governor Asaad al-Eidani called on Thursday the BP oil company to invest in Rumaila oil field west of the province to support the specialized child hospital in the province because of the financial crisis it is going through.
Al-Eidani said in a statement that “while the province of Basra suffers from the outbreak of serious diseases, most notably the cancer for several reasons, including the outputs associated with oil operations from various fields of the province call the BP investment company Rumaila field, which is the largest between the fields of the province to support the child hospital specialist materially As a result of the crisis that passes through, which may cause the lives of dozens of children.
For its part, announced the management of the company BP agreed to the governor of Basra, guidance on the child hospital, pointing out that it will support this hospital with the necessary equipment and medicines as well as cash.

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